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So which service is right for you? Will a roofing restoration in Mandurah do the trick to make your roof new again? Or is there damage or wear and tear on your roof that demands a more comprehensive roof repair service? At Dean's Roofing Restoration & Repairs, we are happy to inspect your roof and provide our advice on the matter. Call us on 0411043892 to schedule your inspection today.

Find out Whether a Roof Repair or Roof Restoration Is Right for Your Mandurah Home

Make Your Old Roof New Again, with roofing restoration mandurah

What your roof looks like can have a drastic impact on the overall aesthetic of the home as a whole. If your roof looks crisp and well maintained, it can make your home look impressive and new. If your roof looks drab, dirty or damaged, it can make your house look old and run down. If you want to give your home strong kerb appeal, then, a roof restoration might be a smart step to take.

At Dean's Roofing Restoration & Repairs, we have been providing roofing restorations in Mandurah for six years now. By pressure cleaning and painting your roof, cleaning the gutters and replacing breaks to valley trays, we can turn a roof 'from drab to fab.' After a service with us, your roof can and will look brand new again.

What Is the Different Between a Roofing Restoration and a Roof Repair?

One of the questions we get most often at Dean's Roofing Restoration & Repairs is about the differences between roof restorations and roof repairs. We provide both of these services in Mandurah, and there is some overlap between the two, so customers are occasionally confused about what separates them.

Essentially, our Mandurah roof restoration services are designed to rejuvenate the aesthetics of a roof that is in mostly good condition. Roof repairs, meanwhile, are meant to fix or replace roofs that have been left fundamentally flawed by damage, wear and tear. A roof restoration will replace broken tiles, shingles or valley trays, which are important steps in the ongoing maintenance and performance of a roof. We also do a full re-point during our restoration services. Restorations also include more aesthetic-minded services, like gutter cleaning, pressure cleaning and roof painting.

If you don't have the budget for a full roof repair, or if your roof is only lightly worn but has lost some of its lustre, a roof restorations in Mandurah will likely do the trick. If your roof is older or more worn—or if it has been significantly damaged by recent inclement weather—it might require more in the way of repairs.

At Dean's Roofing Restoration & Repairs, our roof repair service does share some commonalities with roofing restoration. For instance, we will still clean the gutters, pressure clean the tiles, and re-point the entire roof. We will also detect and fix leaks, replace broken or worn out gutters, replace broken tiles or valleys, seal the roof with lead or Wackflex flashings, install flume or Whirlybird vents and more. In essence, a roof repair is a more comprehensive service, ideal for older or more damaged roofs.​​

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