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Ridge Cap Repointing in Perth & Why It’s Important to Handle the Problem Early On

So which service is right for you? Will a roofing restoration in Fremantle do the trick to make your roof new again? Or is there damage or wear and tear on your roof that demands a more comprehensive roof repair service? At Dean's Roofing Restoration & Repairs, we are happy to inspect your roof and provide our advice on the matter. Call us on 0411043892 to schedule your inspection today.

Ridge caps are the V-shaped tiles that sit on the top of your roof where the sloping sides come together. It’s important to have your ridge caps repointed on your roof because they are one of the most critical components to keep the weather out of your house, and keeping the roof together by securing the tiles where they meet on adjacent roof panels. The ridge capping is secured by a type of mortar made from a combination of sand and cement. You can think of it like construction cooking that’s used to hold two things together. What's known as flexible pointing is then used to colour match the mortar to your roof and tiles so that as the summer heat expands the mortar it won't crack or shift enough to cause structural problems.

The biggest issues caused by faulty or poorly done ridge capping is reduced strength of the roof so any significant pressure or force may, in extreme cases, cause the roof to collapse! At the very least, you may find yourself dealing with water gaining entry to empty pockets of the roof and leaking into your home causing unsightly water stains.

If you're dealing with old mortar on the ridge caps of your home, you can reach out to Dean's Roofing restorations and repairs . We focus on ridge cap repointing in Perth , mandurah and rockingham. We have over 15 years of experience in the roofing industry, so all our jobs are handled affordably, on time, and with superb attention to detail. Reach out to us if you’re in need of ridge cap repointing in Perth or any other type of general roof maintenance.

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