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​Do I have to get a full Restoration?


Dean offers a wide variety of Roofing services so if you do not wish to re-paint your roof dean has offers available to Maintain and Pressure clean your roof making sure your roof is safe from leaks and damage!

If you are still undecided on getting a roof restoration or would like more information please contact Dean on 0411043892

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Is a roof restoration right for me?

If you have ever thought your roof is looking old and drab, and considered getting a  new roof, however found that the cost of a brand new roof is way out of you budget, A roof restoration could be your answer!

Dean offers a Roof restoration service, which means for a fraction of the cost you could make your house look as good as new, using only the best quality materials not only making your roof look good adding value, but ensuring your roof is ready for the winter.

Roof Restorations for mandurah rockingham and perth 

What is included in the Roof Restoration Packages?

​Firstly Dean will check over your roof replacing any broken tiles or ridges. It is after this your roof will be pressure cleaned to remove any dirt off the tiles, after this we then Repoint your ridge caps ensuring they are safe from any cracks, which could cause you problems in the winter. It is then we start the painting process.