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What problems can these cracks in the mortar cause?

You may not think that these small cracks will cause many problems, however in the winter this can lead to serious problems, costing you thousands in repairs.

The cracks  can cause two major problems, firstly in the rain the cracks will allow water to penetrate into your roof, damaging any wooden structures and also causing damp and mould to your walls and ceiling, which will need to be repaired or replaced.

The next issue with damaged mortar is that it can loosen your ridge caps, so in any strong winds can lift the ridge caps causing them to blow off, this then exposes your internal structure leaving you open to the elements causing major leeks and damage to your property.

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What can be done to prevent this damage?

Caught early enough Dean's Roofing can repoint and bed any loose or damaged ridge caps and tiles, getting you roof winter ready, preventing any leeks or damage to your roof.

Dean only uses the highest quality products which have been rated for category 4 cyclone winds, which comes in a variety of colours to match your existing roof. 

This means your ridges stay strong and intact. ad ready for the winter.

​Dean's Roofing and Maintenance offers a FREE Quote and Advice service and will be more than happy to check over your roof and discuss any problems you may have.

​​One of the most commonly asked questions I get asked is why it important to Repoint Ridge caps?

Repointing is something so many do not think it needs doing until it is too late! 

So why is it important? 

Repointing your Ridges sooner rather than later can save you money in the long term as most ridge caps are only bedded with standard sand and cement mortar, which with the harsh sun and rain can cause cracks to appear, such as the cracks shown in the images. 

Why Is Repointing your Roof Important?