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Dean's Roofing Mosman park
Dean's Roofing mosman park

Perhaps you are selling your home and looking for ways to add value to the property. Maybe you simply want to be able to pull into your driveway and admire a beautifully restored roof. Either way, getting a roof repair done is probably a step you will want to take at least once during your ownership of a home. The question is, when is it appropriate to call a roofing company to carry out the repair? 

At Dean's Roof Restoration & Repairs, we have been providing roof repairs in Mosman Park for six years. If you decide that your home requires a roofing repair, we can provide the service you need. 

Knowing When to Schedule a Roof Repair 

 As you might expect, there are a lot of signs that you can check to know whether or not your roof is in need of a repair or replacement. Below, we have walked through five of the most common signs—as well as why they should get you thinking about a Mosman Park roof repair. 

  • Tiles are missing: Your roofing tiles can come off in a strong gust of wind or during a heavy rainstorm. They can also just gradually become loose over time. If your home is missing more than a few tiles, or they have become damages and cracked, then your roof could be susceptible to leaks and therefore in need of a professional repair.  
  • Tiles are discoloured: Even if your home's roof has all its tiles intact, that doesn't necessarily mean it is in good shape. When tiles become discoloured and have obvious signs of distress, such as cracks and other damage, they have essentially outlived their useful life. Just like missing tiles, these damaged or defective tiles can't do their job properly. A roofing repair in Mosman Park is the obvious next step. 

  • The roof is rotting or showing algae growth: When algae, moss, lichen or other growths appear on your roof, you need to pay attention. Not only are these growths a sign of a roof that isn’t getting enough sunlight to dry properly after rainy or humid weather, but they will also hold moisture against the roof and cause it to rot and decline more quickly. Finally, unsightly growths on the roof detract from the kerb appeal. 
  • Your roof is leaking: If you have noticed leaks in the roof from within your house—either in the form of wet spots on the ceiling or actual dripping water—a Mosman Park roof repair is absolutely in the cards. 
  • The roof is old: Different types of roofs can last longer than others. In most cases, though, a roof that has passed the 20-year mark is living on borrowed time. If you are selling your home and have a roof that is more than two decades old, you might consider repairing, restoring or replacing it to increase interest in the property. 

Call Dean's Roof Restoration & Repairs for a Roofing Repair in Mosman Park

 Is your roof suffering from one or more of the symptoms described above? If so, call Dean's Roofing Restoration & Repairs today for a roof repair in Mosman Park. You can reach us on 0411043892. 

Five Signs That You Need a Roofing Repair in Mosman Park