As your roofing repair professional, Dean's Roofing Restoration & Repairs can give you back the pride of ownership with restoration services, maintenance and repairs. Recovery services are a cheaper alternative to installing a new roof by pressure washing and applying a roof coating made of a specially formulated roof paint.  A second option is roof maintenance and repairs, including replacing broken tiles, repairing storm damage, flashing repairs and general maintenance. A third option is to have your roof re-pointed. Ridge cap pointing is done by having a coloured flexible permanent solution applied on the side of the ridges to make it water tight. This application process prevents leaks and allows your Dalkeith roof to withstand high winds.  

Call on us for roofing repair in Dalkeith. We are local and family-owned and operated and are fully insured and provide only the highest standards of perfection for your roof repairs. You can count on our reliable and dependable service professionals to provide only quality workmanship and a stress-free experience.  

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Signs & Symptoms of Needing Roofing Repair in Dalkeith

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If your roof has taken a beating through the winters and over the years, you may be considering a new roof. You've seen some signs of wear and tear, and now you've lost peace of mind and had sleepless nights staring at the ceiling and wondering who will take care of your roof – after all, it’s one of the most important parts of your home’s structure. So now you’ve begun the search for a roof repair professional you can trust. However, you may be tired of dealing with roofing repair companies that recommend unnecessary repairs. When your roof needs repair its similar to visiting a mechanic. You have an issue that needs to be fixed, so you seek professional help. Often when you do, you’re sold several other services using fear tactics instead of getting the one solution that you came to obtain. With Dean's Roofing Restoration & Repairs, your roof repair experience is entirely stress-free. We’re qualified professionals that have been providing roofing repair in Dalkeith for three generations. We only recommend the services you need, including roof repair that may save you hundreds of dollars versus the cost of an entirely new roof. Unless your roof is in exceptionally bad shape, we will always try to salvage what we can. In most cases, we can repair your roof, rather than recommending a completely new one. ​

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Dean's Roofing
  • Your Dalkeith roof is 20 years old or older 
  • You have ceiling damage and mould, or dark black spots have started to appear from leaks 

  • Sagging roof lines 

  • Tiles that are falling apart or missing in the valleys 
  • Damaged or cracked tiles 
  • Chimney flashing that is not water tight composed of roof cement or tar 
  • Inconsistent colouring 
  • Walking on your roof feels like a spongy or trampoline-like surface 
  • You can see streaks of daylight in the attic or roof 

Ways to Make Your Roof New Again in Dalkeith with Roof Repair